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How to Write Graffiti

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How to Write Graffiti?

Graffiti was invented in ancient times. It was very popular in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. ‘Graffiti’ is the term which is mainly used for images or the lettering scratched, painted, scrawled or marked in any style on the property. Graffiti is any kind of public marking, which can emerge in anything from the form of simple written word formats to detailed wall paintings.


How to Write Graffiti

In current times, normal paint, spray paint and markers have become very popularly used materials for graffiti paintings. In some countries, ruining property by doing graffiti paintings without the permission of owner is considered vandalism and it is liable to be punished by law. Most of the time, graffiti is used to convey political and social messages to people. Graffiti is also a form of art; it is displayed in exhibitions and galleries. Graffiti is also related to subversive hip-hop music as it is developed onto a pop culture. Graffiti has also been used as group signal to a mark region; it also serves as a sign or tag for group related activity. If you want to write a graffiti letter, then just follow the instructions mentioned below.

Graffiti Sketches

How to Write Graffiti (2)

Things required:

  • Pen
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Drawing paper


  • If you planning to write a graffiti letters, then first of all choose a word to write in your graffiti letters. Maybe you can use your nickname. Write these words in your standard style by using thick marker on a sheet of paper. You can also write a large graffiti letters by using a large sheet of paper.
  • Make an outline for the graffiti letters with the help of a thick marker. While making outlines, do not trace over the old letters, you are suppose to draw the original strokes with your thick marker.
  • Keep drawing the outlines until all your letters touch each other or overlap on each other.
  • Now, place a piece of tracing paper on your written letters or words. Evenly trace just the outlines of the graffiti letters by using pencil.
  • Now, just shift the traced outline to a fresh piece of paper.
  • Make a round line on the corners of the outlined graffiti letters. Draw lines with the help of a thick marker or pen. Now, fill colors in the outlined shapes of your graffiti letters.
  • Your balloon style graffiti letters is now done. You can make more graffiti letters of your style by just following the above mentioned steps.
Write my name in graffiti

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Tips and warning:

  • You can experiment with highlighting your outlines. You can also make shadows or overlap your graffiti letter as you get comfortable with writing graffiti letters.
  • Some cities have decrees against graffiti, which means fines can be levied on and prison terms awarded to the graffiti artists.
  • Art material can be dangerous to your health if it is used incorrectly and without precaution. You should read and follow the entire safety instruction manual before going ahead with art materials.

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