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How To Write Graffiti Sketches

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Graffiti Sketches

Make graffiti as any, usually takes a lot of practice. And it will be very beneficial for you. It also can help, from the preparation, planning and perfecting the next piece of graffiti. Before you take spray paint. You can work on perfecting your work when you create a sketch graffiti.

graffiti sketches

A simple step and a lot of imagination is all you need to sketch graffiti. Pens and paper might help too.

  1. Determine where you want it to be graffiti. You do not have to know the exact location, like under a bridge next to the tree by a bend in the road, but you must have some idea of the size and shape of your canvas or any other concrete. A sketch that includes a large and dense areas will differ from one that is intended to be placed along the border of a kite.
  2. Sketch out your canvas. Draw the boundaries you plan to conquer. A large wall will be represented by a rectangle or square, or you can choose any other form you want to fill with your work.
  3. Choose your subjects. The world is yours. Keep in mind, the subject is generic, like a wrestler or a snake, it would be easier to reproduce than a specific subject, such as Hulk Hogan or a Western Diamondback rattlesnake exactly seven teeth, forked tongue and exactly match the color of the species. But then again, you are preparing in advance, so you have time and the perfect tool no matter what pretty much as you want.
  4. Keep the lines of fat and thick for easy viewing. Remember that you are working on a large scale, much larger than the piece of paper in front of you. You may want to practice lines with a thick marker that will give a better idea of the work required a bold outline.
  5. Fill the space entirely. Some of the best works of graffiti including shading, design and shadow in the background. Once you have your main subject down pat, work on creating the background of the subject which can also be enhanced.
  6. Specify color. Too much color will look too busy, so keep it simple but make sure that adjacent colors different enough to stand out from one another. For example, do not place directly next to the turquoise blue green and expect people to distinguish from a distance. You can practice colors with shade and add color with colored pencils.

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