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How to Write Graffiti on Bubble Letters

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How to Write Graffiti on Bubble Letters
How to make graffiti bubble. Bubble letters are a fun and funky way to write, and they are easy to do. Below are the instructions and you will write the text bubbles like a pro in no time:

1. Begin with a practice bubble writing one letter at a time.
If you try and do the entire sentence or letters in bubble letters it possible that you will not have enough room or patience, so start by selecting and practicing one letter at a time.

2. Write letters A-Z spaciously on a large sheet of paper.
This way you can practice writing the letter on the bubble for each letter of the alphabet.

3. Trace the outside of each letter with a round shadow itself.
Being careful to leave all sides of that letter that you will return to in the text bubbles, trace the shadow of the shape around the entire letter.

4. Stop tracing and start doing free style bubble letters.
Once you have a sense for how to write text bubbles, you do not need to write a letter normally and then take a bubble, just write a text bubble letter the first time, after you feel you’ve got the hang of it.

5. If you’ve finished writing the letter from a through z, bubble style design you can use to write my name in graffiti.

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