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How to Make a Graffiti Paint Pens

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Graffiti Paint Pens – Sticker Graffiti

Graffiti Paint Pens

How to Make a Graffiti Paint Pens

Graffiti is a form of creative expression using markers and paints to create a colorful, unique display. While the most well-known application of graffiti is seen on walls and buildings, you can add your own personal graffiti to notebooks, placards or even the walls in your room. You can make your own graffiti paint pens to create these designs by modifying a regular marker pen. You can create a number of these pens using different colored inks so you have a variety of hues to choose from.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Jumbo permanent marker
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil
  • Piece of chalkboard eraser fiber
  • Soft packing foam
  • Screw
  • Graffiti ink
  • Electrical tape


  1. Remove the cap from a jumbo permanent marker pen to expose the writing nib.
  2. Pop the nib portion of the marker off the body. You can use the cap to lever the nib off or you can use a craft knife to cut through the body of the marker.
  3. Remove any ink or paint inside the body of the marker and wash it out. Let the body dry completely.
  4. Stick a pencil down the inside of the nib portion to force the nib out. Wash this part of the marker and let it dry too.
  5. Insert the piece of chalkboard eraser into the hole you removed the nib from. You will have to force the eraser into the piece so only ½ inch of the eraser is sticking out.
  6. Stuff the packaging foam into the nib piece of the marker. The piece should be filled tightly with the foam.
  7. Drop a screw, point first, into the body of the marker and fill it with graffiti ink.
  8. Push the nib piece back into the body of the marker with the eraser nib pointing up.
  9. Wrap the body and nib piece in electrical tape to hold the pieces together and create a seal to keep the ink from leaking out. Replace the cap on the marker.

Always shake the pen vigorously before using to prepare the paint for application.

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