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Guess Graffiti Alphabets, Where the Letter Z

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Letter alphabet from scraps of blue carpet. Can you find the letter Z? Paper Cut Out Alphabet rug: you find the ‘Z’

That our alphabet contains 26 letters must be an annoyance that has plagued many a Western designer trying to fit them into a nice equal grid: five lines of five always leaves one letter on its own. Do you try to fit two letters into one space? Do you go for eight lines of three and one more of two?

I’ve seen various solutions, but never one as radical as that employed by this rug – just lop off the letter ‘Z’!

On second glance I wondered whether the point was that the ‘N’ could double up – after all, it’s on its side. Or is the designer just making a statement about the mathematics of the square? Who knows, but if you can live with the puzzle and it doesn’t bug you every single time you look at it, you may agree with us here at Babygadget that it’s a very nice item regardless. Via: babygadget net.

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