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Graffiti Alphabet Letters From Russia

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Picture above is the art of graffiti handwritten letter Russian alphabet

Graffiti alphabet Russian A-Z. Graffiti Fonts

Russian alphabetgraffiti fonts

Graffiti Alphabets

How to read and write the alphabet from russia:

The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters: 21 consonants, 10 vowels, and two letters without sound – soft sign and hard sign

  1. Using the Latin letters to type Russian words with the Latin keyboard
  2. you have to really “rrroll” your tongue to get it to sound Russian
  3. the hard sounded “h” (“house”), also compared to “x” sound when pronounced in Spanish (ex.: “Mexico”); is usually transliterated as “kh”
  4. is called the hard sign and used in modern Russian spelling only as a separation sign
  5. is called the soft sign and is generally used to indicate the softness of consonants

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