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Graffiti Alfabeto: Alphabet by Claudia Walde

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graffiti alfabeto - graffiti alphabet

Alfabeto de graffiti by Claudia Walde. Tag graffiti alphabet A-Z

Art can be expressed in many different ways and formats, it being a significantly wide concept understood in as many dissimilar ways as there are different artists. Today we’d like to talk about the book Alfabeto Graffiti, by Claudia Walde. Claudia Walde spent over two years collecting alphabets by 154 artists from 30 countries. Each artist received the same brief: to design all 26 letters of the Latin alphabet within the limits of a single page of the book. The result is a unique typographical sourcebook featuring over 150 specially designed, original alphabets exclusive to this book.

This book will delight lovers of street art and graphic design alike, as well as anyone with an artistic sensitivity. Good2b is giving away one book. Click HERE to win a very stylish book, a reference of graffiti art. You can buy this Gustavo Gili book for 38,37 euros.

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