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Gothic Alphabet Letters, Origin and Structure

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Gothic Alphabet Letters, Origin and Structure – The names of letters are recorded in a 9th-century manuscript of Alcuin (Codex Vindobonensis 795). Most of them seem to be a form of Gothic names also appear in the rune poem. The names given in the form of the reconstructed Gothic words, followed by an attestation of their actual spelling. Gothic Alphabet Letters A-Z:

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Note that there are two letters that do not stand up to the sound. This is because they were originally adopted from the Greek numerical values ​​only for them. Then, the letters come to represent such sounds into a thin and breathy wh respectively. While some of the letters taken from the Greek alphabet directly, some innovations that accurately express Gothic phonology. Regarding the numerical value of letters’, which is most appropriate to that of the Greek figures. Classical Greek alphabet doubled as the number system, and each letter has a number associated with it. Gothic alphabet letters continued this tradition, so in the case of Gothic, the first line of the letter has a numerical value from 1 to 9, lines 10-90 the second, and third row 100-900.

In much of Europe, the Gothic alphabet letters and language slowly faded into obscurity by the 9th century AD. Gothic language survived in the Crimea, but also became extinct around the 17th century AD.

Gothic Alphabet Letters. Goths speak in German, which is unique not only in that it is the beginning of documented Germanic language, but also in that it is the only language in a completely separate branch of the German family had no connection with the other Germanic languages ​​survive. source: spelwerx.

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