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Era Graffiti: Shift in Meaning and Function of Graffiti

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Era Graffiti

Development Era Graffiti

Graffiti is a form of creative art form of graffiti on the wall by using the composition of color and line, shape and volume, to write the word, symbol, or a particular sentence. The instrument is usually used PYLOX or spray paint cans, but also can use the wall paint and oil paint.

Graffiti primitive era

Graffiti primitive era

The graffiti was already there since the days of primitive. In those days the graffiti is used as a mystical means of communication to evoke the spirit of the hunt. One example is the various writings and symbols depicted on the walls of the pyramids in Egypt at the time of Pharaoh.

Chicago gang graffiti

Chicago gang graffiti

Appropriate development of the era, the art of graffiti has a shift in meaning and function. In the modern era graffiti becomes a tool for self-expression of a particular social class group, because of discontent over social conditions they experience. Even including gang groups, students, kids punk, graffiti is used as an expression of group identity to distinguish other groups or as a sign of his realm.

graffiti sketch

But now the art of graffiti has changed from that belongs only social groups, a negative connotation, criminals, and illegal, into art that should be appreciated, which can be accepted and owned by anyone, and had no negative connotation anymore. Because graffiti into beautiful art, which not only can be expressed in the wall but could in other mediums, such as paper, computers, even on clothing such as t-shirts.

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