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Banksy Illusion: Teasing and Profound

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Graffiti Banksy Illusion: Teasing and Profound

In an exhibition of such magnitude some works are inevitably better than others; taken individually, one might carp at the silliness of some of the pieces or the lack of subtlety in some of the political messages. But the overall impression is exhilarating, and to see so much of his work in one place gives an opportunity to experience the genius of the enigmatic graffiti-artist who calls himself Banksy.

There is much in the exhibition to laugh about and much to rage about, but there is also a profound sense of the vulnerability as well as the absurdity of the human condition. It communicates (at least to me) the wonder of belonging to a species which produces great art and ideas but which has a capacity to laugh at its most sublime achievements, as well as its most abject failures.

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banksy illusion

This is art which combines accessibility with significance. So much modern art uses obfuscation as an excuse for profundity. Banksy reminds us that democratic principles must be shared , and that art must be able to communicate in the language of people’s lives.

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A space of freedom. Via: opendemocracy.

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