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Banksy Graffiti Art | Freehand Graffiti

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Banksy Graffiti

Some of Banksy Graffiti:
Banksy is English Graffiti Artist, yet pseudo-anonymous. He is a native of Yate, near Bristol. He was born and raised in Bristol, England in 1974. Initially he started as a freehand graffiti artist. As a beginner, he always uses a stencil. His first work that attracted the attention of many artists from Ohio and the United Kingdom is “Walls on Fire.” In 2000, he decided to work with stencils because this art takes less than others.

Banksy Graffiti

Banksy Graffiti

Banksy identity will be forever known to the world. But his work is very productive, smart, and subversive. This makes it not easy to forget his paintings. These graffiti artists decorate the walls, zoos, and bridges cities and towns all over the world. His artworks depict the political aspects, ethics, and culture of society, often reflecting the irony. His vandalism started in Paris in 1981, where he wrote graffiti stencil technique combined with such extraordinary from Blek le Rat.Banksy ‘s graffiti stenciled’s has funny and interesting pictures, and sometimes with the slogan as well. He is always deliver a message through his images.

Banksy Graffiti

Banksy Graffiti

They are usually pro-freedom, anti-war, anti-establishment or related ant-capitalist. The subject of graffiti was often rats, monkeys, parents, children, police and army. He also designs stickers and make sculptor. He is also responsible for 2003′s Blur album ‘Think Tank’s’ cover art.

Banksy work has also been exhibited and purchased by celebrities such as Christina Aguilera. He has been stenciled in green Mona Lisa with paint dripping from her eyes. This section mater sold for 57, 600 pounds. In 2007, Banksy makes a new record by selling his work, ‘Space girl and the bird’ to 288, 000 pounds.

Banksy graffiti

Banksy painting of Mona lisa

In addition, there are many other art and high profile classical art Banksy.

  • At London Zoo, he painted, ‘We’re bored of fish in the penguin enclosure, which has a height of seven feet.
  • At Bristol zoo Banksy wrote, “I want to get out. It was too cold. Keeper smells. Boring. Boring. Boring ‘for the elephants.
  • Banksy’s nine paintings on the Israeli West Bank barrier were exceptionally different.Some of Banksy’s images rose controversies also.
  • Banksy painting of Mona Lisa with a yellow smiley face, was hanged by Banksy in at the Louvre in Paris.
  • Diane Shakespeare and Peter Gibson of Keep Britain Tidy said that Banksy street painting is nothing but vandalism.
  • Banksy portable toilet made of plastic that resembles Stonehenge Glastonbury Festival go up controversy.

Although Banksy paintings and drawings have appeared controversial, art book images that have been published. ‘Banging your head stone wall’, ‘Existencilism’, ‘Cut it out’ and ‘wall and piece’ is a book that displays his paintings. Every day you pick up a narrow road with nothing but walls. But one good day if you see a picture of a naked man hanging from a window, you should be aware of it. It has bought fame and money to Banksy. Who would not want that? However, he is anonymous.

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