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3 Blockbuster Grafiti

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What is Blockbuster?

Blockbuster is a very large piece of graffiti. They use a very simple block letters and often applied with a roller and a bucket of paint rather than cans. These pieces can be seen from great distances because of their incredible size. Sometimes authors will apply this to the roof so that the tag can be seen from an overhead bridge or highway. Seawalls and bottom of the river are also popular locations. Simply scale these pieces could at times extraordinary.

Blockbuster Grafiti

3 Blockbuster Grafiti

Big, square letters, often tilted back and forth and in (usually) two colors. Especially created to cover more than others and to paint a whole train easily, but they are effective on smaller walls for maximum coverage.
- Art Crime glossary


3 Blockbuster Grafiti (2)

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3 Blockbuster Grafiti (3)

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