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On post: 20 Satirical Graffiti Art Internet Life
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Date: Friday, August 7th, 2015 at 12:42 pm

graffiti I Mad Too

Graffiti is usually made in the form of a picture or writing on the wall with a specific purpose. But this time a group of artists from Canada who named themselves iHearts create a graffiti on the theme of Social Media and the Internet today. I think graffiti below was nice, could make laugh, how do you think? See the paper-made graffiti iHearts and write your opinion. 1. Graffiti Selfie 2. Graffiti #Tagging 3. Graffiti 1 ❤ U 4. Graffiti BallonaGrom 5. Graffiti Blank 6. Graffiti Blocked more: 20 Satirical Graffiti Art Internet Life

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graffiti You’re Such a Poser graffiti Who’s That graffiti Tumbling graffiti Sidewiped graffiti Reset graffiti Nobody Likes Me graffiti Minimalism is Deep Graffiti Intro graffiti Image Not Available graffiti I Mad Too graffiti I Hate You graffiti Graffiti Is Just Meaningless graffiti Follow OR Follow graffiti Catch of The Day graffiti Blocked graffiti Blank graffiti BallonaGrom graffiti 1 ❤ U graffiti #Tagging graffiti #RIP