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20 Satirical Graffiti Art Internet Life

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Graffiti is usually made in the form of a picture or writing on the wall with a specific purpose. But this time a group of artists from Canada who named themselves iHearts create a graffiti on the theme of Social Media and the Internet today. I think graffiti below was nice, could make laugh, how do you think? See the paper-made graffiti iHearts and write your opinion.

1. Graffiti Selfie

2. Graffiti #Tagging

3. Graffiti 1 ❤ U

4. Graffiti BallonaGrom

5. Graffiti Blank

6. Graffiti Blocked

7. Graffiti Catch of The Day

8. Graffiti Follow OR Follow

9. Graffiti Is Just Meaningless

10. Graffiti I Hate You

11. Graffiti I Mad Too

12. Graffiti Image Not Available

13. Graffiti Intro

14. Graffiti Minimalism is Deep

15. Graffiti Nobody Likes Me

16. Graffiti Reset

17. Graffiti Sidewiped

18. Graffiti Tumbling

19. Graffiti Who’s That

20. Graffiti You’re Such a Poser

This art is similar to the design of Banksy Graffiti, but this work can make me smile. forward graffiti with creative artwork.

Written by pryok

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